The Museum of Folk Crafts and Applied Arts

Let’s start with the museum, the first of our spots of interest, where we will tell you about the historical events of Troyan.
Traditions, history, all is diligently arranged, and it will bring you in a moment back to the time when the town was established.
The Museum of Folk Crafts and Applied Arts is the only one of its kind in Bulgaria. Crafts and Аrts are being handed down from father to son in that county. Many of these enchanters could be seen at the spot while they are sculpturing their next fairytale.

Welcome into the museum

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Built in 1868 as a police station

This interesting building with a large terrace is from the time when Bulgaria was under Ottoman rule. It was built by Troyan builders in 1868 for the Turkish administration and at that time it was a police station. In 1877 the town was burned to the ground as only this and another two buildings survived the destruction. At present it is a museum and a wonderful place where you could learn more about the Masters from the enchanting mountain.

Is that the first bicyclist in Troyan?

Actually, this is the first person, who was travelling by a bicycle, round these lovely villages surrounding Troyan, taking notes on the character and morals of local people in the beginning of the 20th century. Ivan Hadzhiiski has left us a lot of books depicting what sort of a character that Troyan guys are. That’s why we express our gratitude to him with such a big monument.

An interesting fact is that the local bicycling club was established in 1896, and Troyan is a part of the Cycling Tour of Bulgaria, as the final of the lap is usually right here.

Troyan Art Gallery

Now, we are going to an unique Art Gallery, where you can see the contemporary art, created by the hands of local and foreign artists. The people of Troyan are lucky to enjoy the regular wonderful exhibitions, jazz nights, meetings with popular book authors at the gallery.

Take a peek into the gallery

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Drink “Rakia” straight from the copper.

A few days each year, right here at the town square, you can drink “Rakia” straight from the copper.