East of Troyan

Let’s set out to the east, where are situated some unique for Troyan and Bulgaria landmarks.
Some of the celebrations that are carried out nowadays could be dated back to the second half of the 18th century. Relaxing amidst the gorgeous nature, coming into contact with work-shops, where the Masters of the enchanted mountain are creating their hand-made articles till our times. Religion, historical heritage, crafts together with the authentic local cuisine are giving positive energy to your senses.

The National Arts and Crafts Exhibition

The National Arts and Crafts Exhibition is an unexampled center, collecting a selection of works of arts and crafts of Bulgarian masters, and others from foreign countries and even continents.
Dozens of exhibitions, fairs and presentations are held every year. Here, you could touch the Bulgarian crafts with your own hands.

Gallery of the Exhibition

The Clergyman

The history tells us that about the year 1600, a clergyman was carrying a wonder-working icon from the Mount Athos in Greece to Romania. He heard about a pious hermit, who lived into the depths of the Balkan with his lay brother in the Mountain of Oreshak, and he decided to stop at their place, where together they spent some time on fasting. When the time came for him to continue his journey, the horse hobbled while it was carrying the wonder-working icon. The clergyman of Mount Athos tried to continue his way, but the horse hobbled again. Then he realized it was a sign from God that the icon had to remain hidden into the depths of the Balkan. He bid his farewell to the icon and left. The hermit, together with other lay brothers, built a chapel, where the icon was taken out at Easter. Shortly afterwards, an inn appeared and monastic cells, where monks from nearby and far away stayed to pray. This is how the Monastery of Oreshak was established. The wonder-working icon is there now!

Troyan Monastery

This is the third largest monastery in Bulgaria that played a prominent role in preserving the Bulgarian nation and history. Nowadays, that is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Bulgaria. The Monastery is visited by tourists from near and far. Once seen, it can easily be recognized in the tourist ads for Bulgaria.