Helpful Tips


Buses are the main means of transport to Troyan. Travelers from Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, to Troyan have to go to the Central Bus Station in Sofia and to catch a bus for Troyan from there. The distance is about 150 km and takes about 2:30 min, the ticket price is about 15 leva (8 euros).
Travellers from Southern Bulgaria should head towards a mountain pass of „Bekleme“ (also known as Troyan Pass), and those who are coming from the north should go under a highway overpass of „Hemus“ motorway (which connects the east and west parts of Bulgaria) and continue travelling 17 km to the south.
As for Troyan, the most convenient way for travelling is by taxi. The taxi fare varies from 2 to 10 euros (4 to 20 leva) to a certain place in the town or out-of-town. Taxi drivers are kind and extremely honest.

The bus transport in the town is poor, the bus station does not function at its full capacity, and people who work there speak only Bulgarian.

2. Currency

The lev (in Bulgarian: лев, plural: лева, левове / leva, levove) is the currency of Bulgaria. It is divided in 100 stotinki (in Bulgarian: стотинки, singular: stotinka, стотинка). In archaic Bulgarian, the word “lev” meant “lion”, a word which in the modern language became ” lăv “