Into the Depths of Balkan, even at the top of the Balkan.

The Arch of Freedom, only 20 minutes from the city by a car, will be our entrance into the depths of the Troyan part of the Central Balkan Mountains. Once you step over it, you will see the infinite landscape in the East and in the West!

Hill after hill…

Behind each hill a new one rises, different and more fantastic than the previous one. Some of the highest mountain peaks in Bulgaria set their shoulders up straight as Gods. At 2.000 meters above sea level you’ll find yourself in another world…

Into the depths

Hike into the mountains

Everyone is welcomed at the Huts of the Central Balkan Mountains. A cup of mountain herbal tea warms up the tourist after the long hiking tour and prepares one for the evening. And it is filled with positive emotions, songs, and the amazing stories of the hut-keepers about curious and even terrifying mountain legends. Oh, there are really a lot of them!
That area of the Balkan Mountains is a part of the Central Balkan National Park, including 9 nature reserves, where rare and endangered species live. The park is one of the few in Europe, where you can meet wild goats, wildcats and eastern imperial eagle … a brown bear